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Vaccination coverage in a cohort of HIV-infected patients receiving care at an AIDS outpatient clinic in Espírito Santo, Brazil
Lauro Ferreira da Silva Pinto Netoa,, , Julia Vescovi Vieirab, Nathália Rossoni Ronchib
a Escola Superior de Ciências da Santa Casa de Vitória, Faculdade de Medicina, Vitória ES, Brazil
b Santa Casa de Vitória, Vitória, ES, Brazil
Received 17 December 2016, Accepted 29 March 2017

This cross-sectional study assessed the immunization status of human immune deficiency virus (HIV)-infected patients receiving care at an outpatient clinic in Brazil. The sociodemographic characteristics, CD4 count and HIV viral load of 281 out of 612 adult outpatients were analyzed. A total of 331 patients were excluded because of no availability of vaccination cards. Chi-square or Fisher's exact test were used. Immunization coverage was higher for diphtheria/tetanus (59.79%) and hepatitis B (56.7%), and lowest for hepatitis A (6.8%) and for meningococcal group C (6%). Only 11.74% of the patients had received the influenza virus vaccine yearly since their HIV-infection diagnosis. No vaccination against influenza (p<0.034) or hepatitis B (p<0.029) were associated with CD4 counts <500cells/mL; no vaccination against flu or pneumococcus were associated with detectable HIV viral load (p<0.049 and p<0.002, respectively). Immunization coverage is still very low among HIV-infected adults in this setting despite recommendations and high infection-related mortality.

HIV, AIDS, Vaccination, Immunization coverage, Immunosuppressed