The Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases The Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases
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November - December 2014
Vol. 18. Num. 6.
Pages 581-700
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Vol. 18. Num. 6. November - December 2014 Pages 581-700
Original Articles
Molecular epidemiology of measles virus infection in Shanghai in 2000–2012: the first appearance of genotype D8
Shuhua Li, Xiaohua Qian, Zhengan Yuan, Xiaodong Sun, Chongshan Li, Xian Tang, Yanji Yang, Xiangzhen Gong, Guangwen Cao
Braz J Infect Dis.2014;18:581-90
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Development of sandwich-form biosensor to detect Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in clinical sputum specimens
Taha Roodbar Shojaei, Mohamad Amran Mohd Salleh, Meisam Tabatabaei, Alireza Ekrami, Roya Motallebi, Tavoos Rahmani-Cherati, Abdollah Hajalilou, Raheleh Jorfi
Braz J Infect Dis.2014;18:600-8
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Incidence of congenital toxoplasmosis among infants born to HIV-coinfected mothers: case series and literature review
Flávia Alves Campos, Gláucia Manzan Queiroz de Andrade, Antônio de Pádua Santos Lanna, Bruno Freitas Lage, Maria Vitória Mourão Assumpção, Jorge A. Pinto
Braz J Infect Dis.2014;18:609-17
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Dried blood spot testing for the antenatal screening of HTLV, HIV, syphilis, toxoplasmosis and hepatitis B and C: prevalence, accuracy and operational aspects
Ney Boa-Sorte, Antônio Purificação, Tatiana Amorim, Lorena Assunção, Alan Reis, Bernardo Galvão-Castro
Braz J Infect Dis.2014;18:618-24
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Acute exacerbation of chronic hepatitis B virus infection in renal transplant patients
Christini Takemi Emori, Renata Melo Perez, Carla Adriana Loureiro de Matos, Silvia Naomi Oliveira Uehara, Patricia da Silva Fucuta Pereira, Ana Cristina Amaral Feldner, Roberto José de Carvalho-Filho, Ivonete Sandra de Souza e Silva, Antonio Eduardo Benedito Silva, Maria Lucia Gomes Ferraz
Braz J Infect Dis.2014;18:625-30
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Clinical and epidemiological characteristics and risk factors for mortality in patients with candidemia in hospitals from Bogotá, Colombia
Jorge Alberto Cortés, Patricia Reyes, Carlos Hernando Gómez, Sonia Isabel Cuervo, Pilar Rivas, Christian A. Casas, Ricardo Sánchez
Braz J Infect Dis.2014;18:631-7
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Serum levels of immunoglobulin free light chains in patients with chronic hepatitis C presenting cryoglobulinemia
Isabela S. Oliveira, Milena S. Cabral, Larissa S. Jesus, Raymundo Paraná, Ajax M. Atta, Maria Luiza B. Sousa Atta
Braz J Infect Dis.2014;18:638-42
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Uncommon non-oncogenic HPV genotypes, TP53 and MDM2 genes polymorphisms in HIV-infected women in Southern Brazil
Ludmila Gonçalves Entiauspe, Fabiana Kömmling Seixas, Emily Montosa Nunes, Fernanda Martins Rodrigues, Odir A. Dellagostin, Tiago Collares, Mariângela Freitas da Silveira
Braz J Infect Dis.2014;18:643-50
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Review Articles
Safety, tolerability and side effects of human papillomavirus vaccines: a systematic quantitative review
Ana Katherine Gonçalves, Ricardo Ney Cobucci, Hugo Marcus Rodrigues, Amanda Gosson de Melo, Paulo César Giraldo
Braz J Infect Dis.2014;18:651-9
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Does the change on gastrointestinal tract microbiome affects host?
Elisa M. Beirão, Ana Carolina B. Padovan, Juvêncio J.D. Furtado, Arnaldo L. Colombo, Eduardo A.S. Medeiros
Braz J Infect Dis.2014;18:660-3
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Brief Communications
Human immunodeficiency virus and hepatitis C virus/hepatitis B virus co-infection in Southern Brazil: clinical and epidemiological evaluation
Sonia Mara Raboni, Felipe Francisco Tuon, Nayara Carvalho Polido Beloto, Henrique Demeneck, Andre Oliveira, Denis Largura, Andressa Gervasoni Sagrado, Bárbara Perdonsini Lima, João Paulo Franzoni, Maria Lucia Pedroso
Braz J Infect Dis.2014;18:664-8
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Trichomonas vaginalis infection among young pregnant women in Brazil
Angelica E. Miranda, Valdir M. Pinto, Charlotte A. Gaydos
Braz J Infect Dis.2014;18:669-71
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A search for Clostridium difficile ribotypes 027 and 078 in Brazil
Alexandre de Almeida Monteiro, Renata Neto Pires, Søren Persson, Edison Moraes Rodrigues Filho, Alessandro Comarú Pasqualotto
Braz J Infect Dis.2014;18:672-4
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Assessment of hospital daily cleaning practices using ATP bioluminescence in a developing country
Alejandra A. Zambrano, Alex Jones, Paula Otero, Maria Cristina Ajenjo, Jaime A. Labarca
Braz J Infect Dis.2014;18:675-7
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Case Reports
Early dissemination of OXA-72-producing Acinetobacter baumannii strain in Colombia: a case report
Sandra Yamile Saavedra, Rodrigo Cayô, Ana Cristina Gales, Aura Lucia Leal, Carlos Humberto Saavedra
Braz J Infect Dis.2014;18:678-80
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Extra-pulmonary Pneumocystis jiroveci infection: a case report
Mehrdad Bakhshayesh Karam, Leila Mosadegh
Braz J Infect Dis.2014;18:681-5
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Shewanella putrefaciens infective endocarditis
Jonathan Constant, Ivan Chernev, Eric Gomez
Braz J Infect Dis.2014;18:686-8
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Letters to the Editor
Low prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus and hepatitis C virus co-infection in a medium size city in southern Brazil
Carina Sperotto Librelotto, Daniel Simon, Nilo Ikuta, Vagner Ricardo Lunge
Braz J Infect Dis.2014;18:689-90
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Efficacy of Entecavir therapy in elderly patients with chronic hepatitis B infection
You-wen Tan, Guo-hong Ge, Li Sun, Xing-bei Zhou, Pen-li Peng, Li Chen
Braz J Infect Dis.2014;18:691-2
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Emergence of VanB phenotype-vanA genotype Enterococcus faecium clinical isolate in Bulgaria
Tanya Strateva, Daniela Atanasova, Ivan Mitov, Ivo Sirakov, Antonina Katrandjieva
Braz J Infect Dis.2014;18:693-5
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